Reasons to live in no HOA homes in Buckeye

Reasons to live in no HOA homes in Buckeye

Many people prefer living in housing communities managed by homeowners associations because of the low maintenance, community amenities, safety, etc. However, there are many advantages to living in a neighborhood without an HOA.

One of the obvious benefits is that you won’t have to deal with any association fees or regulations. Although Buckeye in Arizona, a rapidly growing city in the USA, has plenty of homes managed by homeowners associations, you will find many no HOA homes for sale in Buckeye that don’t have any HOA fees attached to them.

Here are some more reasons behind choosing a home without HOA in Buckeye that will convince you to buy one.

Why should you live in no-HOA homes?

When living in an HOA home, you must abide by specific rules. But when you live in a no-HOA home, the only rule that matters is your own. You can express yourself and your individuality through various means, including decorating your home. Here are some other advantages.

Homeowners Association Fees

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) govern the use and upkeep of common areas in a neighborhood, such as parks and pools. HOAs can make a homeowner’s life easier by taking care of things like lawn maintenance, trash removal, and utility bills.

However, they also make it more challenging to customize your homeā€”for example, you must have permission from the HOA board members to add an extra bathroom or patio.

HOA also charges a specific fee, typically monthly payments made by homeowners for the association to maintain their property. A typical HOA fee for one person living in an average-sized home in Buckeye, Arizona, would be around $300-$400 per month, depending on where you live within city limits (which means there will likely be less competition over limited resources).

You can avoid these expenses by buying a house outside an HOA community.

Freedom to modify your property as you want

The best part about living in a non-HOAs home is that you can do whatever you want with your property.

If you own a single-family home, you can make several changes and additions to the property, including garages, sheds, pools, and fences. If having more space is vital to you, consider adding a pool or hot tub so that family members can spend quality time together while enjoying some fun in the sun during those warm summer months.

Also, if you love gardening, planting trees, flowers or shrubs will make for an enjoyable hobby with something blooming at different times throughout all four seasons.

Avoiding Unnecessary Fees, Fines, and Restrictions

Many homeowners in Buckeye frequently face fines ranging from 50 USD to 1500 USD because of the complicated parking regulations in their neighborhoods. Others also complain of problems with slight alterations or modifications to their existing properties.

You’re not required to get permission or approval before changing your home’s exterior, allowing you to use whatever color you want and add new features without worrying about paying fees or fines.

Turn your house into a rental property

Many homeowners associations in Buckeye have strict restrictions on property owners letting out their properties. And even if they allow them to do so, the rules surrounding them are discouraging enough.

Living in an independent home not bound by any associations gives you the freedom to rent your property to whomever you want and benefit from a steady income. The average rent in Buckeye is around 1,800 USD, depending on the property’s size, location, etc. You should take the help of a local realtor to help you find no HOA homes for sale in Buckeye because of its various benefits, including the ones mentioned above. You can modify your property, avoid unnecessary fines, or turn your home into a rental property.

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